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Doctor Using Digital Tablet


Our mission

“To be a good company by doing the right thing – an unwavering commitment to always do our best for our customers, partners and communities”

Our Vision

“We will be the world’s leading digital healthcare group, our brand will be synonymous with transformative medical care and unparalleled service”

Our Purpose

“To become the undisputed world leader in healthcare, reach $1 trillion USD market cap in 10 years and build a lasting legacy for 1,000 years”

Our Solution

ETAO integrates Online and Offline Healthcare Resources to Build an Efficient Medical Ecosystem, which Empowered hospitals & clinics by Big Data and AI Technologies

ETAO owns 12 hospitals, 30 clinics with 3000 beds, 3 internet platforms with nearly 4,000 employees, over 5 million online registered users, 110 million EHR records, 3.5 million images from early cancer screening compiled using AI technology, several AI medical robots, and a network of 3000+ International and domestic medical experts. In 2020, ETAO served more than 3 million patients.

Specialized Hospital Chains

Integration of Resources

Reproductive Health Services Centers

Oncology Hospitals

Orthopedic Clinics

Rehabilitation Clinics


Telehealth Care

Platform Empower


AI in Healthcare

Chronic Disease Management System


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